Hello Gorgeous Salon & Day Spa

          Full Face Makeup                       $45
                  -Airbrush Foundation

           Eyes only                                   $25


Bridal Makeup 
                please see Bridal page      
Band Eye Lashes                      $20

Individual Eyelashes                $35  

*Lashes are not included in full face pricing
           Eyebrow                           $12 and up

               Lip                                   $10 and up

          Chin                                  $10 and up

          Armpit                              $25

          Arms                                 $35

Legs                                         $45

Back                                         $45

Bikini                                        $40

Brazilian                                   $50
Spa Treatments

         Hydrating Facial                     

         Anti Aging Facial                     $50

   *If you have any pricing questions please call the salon!

Essential Oil Facial                   $45

Back Treatment                        $55
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